محکومیت قتل ژینا محسا امینی

LOS ANGELES — The City of Los Angeles adopted a resolution, introduced by Councilmember Nithya Raman in collaboration with Pars Equality Center, condemning the Islamic Republic of Iran for the killing of Jina Mahsa Amini and the violence unleashed on peaceful Iranian protesters demanding justice and accountability for Amini’s death. The resolution further affirms that the City of Los Angeles stands in solidarity with the women leading this human rights movement in Iran and commends them for their bravery and courage in demanding their rights and freedom.

“Across the world, violence is routinely enacted upon women, upon our bodies, for the purpose of maintaining political power,” said Councilmember Raman. “We cannot and will not stand for this brutality. Iranian women have been at the forefront of social justice movements for decades and continue to risk their lives today fighting for their freedom.”

“Pars Equality Center” stands in solidarity with Iranians who are protesting the unjust killing of Mahsa Amini and who are demanding democracy as well as rights to bodily autonomy and fundamental freedoms all over Iran.” said Peyman Malaz, Pars Equality Center’s Director in Los Angeles. “We also express our profound sympathy to the families of the incredible Iranian protesters who have lost their lives to the ongoing brutal police crackdown in response to peaceful demonstrations.”

روز جمعه 21 اکتبر؛ شورای شهر لس آنجلس به اتقاق آرا قطعنامه ای را در حمایت از جنبش حق خواهی مردم ایران به رهبری زنان تصویب کرد و از شجاعت معترضین در مطالبه حقوق و آزادی خود تقدیر کرد. پیشنهاد این قطعنامه توسط “نیتیا رامان”؛ نماینده شورای شهر منطقه 4 لس آنجلس در همکاری با “مرکز برابری پارس” ارایه شد.

نمایندگان شورا همچنین تاکید کردند که به شدت تحت تاثیر همبستگی ایرانیان ساکن در لس آنجلس در حمایت از این جنبش قرار گرفته اند.